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Kg Systems has a complete line of embedded and industrial control computer products, from computer modules to single board computers, data loggers, and touch panel computers. We provide the products, support and technical expertise to help you develop your embedded & industrial control applications quickly and reliably.

Our products are based on the Basic-Tiger™ family of highly reliable, low power, multi-tasking computer modules.

We also provide complete, low cost Tiger-Basic™ software development kits. The Tiger-Basic programming language, an extensive set of software drivers, and code examples enable you to quickly develop your embedded software applications.

History of Microcontrollers
by: Evan Koblentz Kg Systems, Inc.
Kg Systems Inc.
20 Dorine Industrial Park, Merry Lane
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Fax 973-515-1033
Phone: 973-515-4664

Kg Systems is a U.S.
representative and partner
of Wilke Technology GmbH

Compact, multi-tasking
Tiger computer modules
with analog and digital
I/O, SRAM and FLASH memory.

Complete Tiger-BASIC software
development kits include Editor,
Compiler, Downloader, and Debugger

Highly reliable,
low power Single Board Computers.

SmartMedia FLASH card
adapter for Tigers.
Hold 128MB of data.

Touchpanel computers
have backlit graphical
LCD with touch input capability

Tiger-based prototyping
boards allow fast development
of embedded solutions

Ethernet Adapter
provides fast access
to 10Mbit/s Ethernet.

Web Adapter
provides fast interface to
Internet via modem